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Tanzwerk 101
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Migros Herdern
status: Realized
project: 2012⁠–⁠2013

The Tanzwerk is built within the Migros logistics facility in Zurich West. Before this structure was converted, the premises were originally used for ripening bananas and food storage. Today, it houses the kinesthetic program of Switzerland’s largest dance school, dividing the space into 12 dance studios, a large performance auditorium and workrooms with various service areas.

The large-format glass partition walls allow for generous light distribution throughout the entire building. The exposed concrete of the spiral staircase connects the vast entrance area with the floors below. The careful selection of limited materials produces a spatial atmosphere with an industrial feel. The use of concrete, glass and yellow chrome steel with acoustic sprayed plaster ceilings and textile ventilation ducts subtly complement each other. 

The dance school was expanded in 2019 with an enlarged cloakroom and four additional dance studios, all in accordance with the building’s new design aesthetic.

commission: Direct
program: Conversion, Culture
size: 2600 m²
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Guillaume Chapallaz, Annina Fischer, Tiago Matthes, Dagmar von Strantz
consultants: Henau Gugler AG
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