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Roots & Collective Bakery
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Juicetime GmbH
status: Realized
project: 2018⁠–⁠2022

Roots, the vegan restaurant which also serves as the canteen for On Running’s team, is housed on the first floor of the Atmos high-rise building in Zurich West, home to 17 floors of On's offices. 

The guiding architectural principles align closely with the restaurant's aspirations by incorporating layouts that allow guests to visually follow the culinary process and celebrate the act of cooking. Guests can view meal preparations through a fundamentally open approach: the building installations remain visible, exposing raw materials such as wood, fabric, concrete, and metal. A show kitchen is the centerpiece of this open plan, and it is placed in a prominent position where guests can observe the entire food preparation process. 

A built-in unit made of concrete takes advantage of the double-height room to create a mezzanine floor with a lounge which is accessible by a staircase that passes through the catering kitchen. Serving as a laboratory for new recipes, this kitchen makes use of a large window, allowing for an open dialogue between the diners and the culinary process. 

The Collective Bakery operates in an adjacent concrete pavilion in front of the new Atmos Tower. The number of enclosed spaces has been kept to a minimum, permitting maximum visibility and aligning with its goal of keeping the production process as transparent as possible. A lava stone counter serves as the only visual boundary between the production site and the guest space.

commission: Direct
program: Hospitality
size: 820 m²
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Saskja Odermatt
consultants: Atelier Christ GmbH; Mosimann & Partner AG; Synaxis AG; HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGOGNI; Polke, Ziege, von Moos AG; Caduff & Stocker Lichtplanung GmbH