location: Winterthur, Switzerland
client: Implenia Immobilien AG
status: Project
project: 2019

In Lokstadt, a former industrial hub of the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory (SLM), a new, versatile, and sustainable urban district is taking shape in the center of Winterthur. Within this urban context, a plethora of developments are being designed, ranging from diverse types of housing, offices, co-working spaces, hotels, gastronomy, and retail. Essential to preserving the essence of this historic and important site are its heritage-listed halls and generous open communal areas.

Spillmann Echsle's proposal for Lokstadt was conceived for an invited design competition. In their plan, the Habersack Hall and the market hall form the primary public and central axis, connected to a co-working reception, an event room, commercial spaces, and a restaurant. 

The Rapide Hall houses the hotel, the head building features an event space, and the Draisine Hall is conceived as a two-floor co-working space. All of these uses and areas can be accessed via the centrally located main entrance.

The restaurant, oriented towards Dialogplatz, establishes a link to the public space outside through its inviting outdoor seating. The towering interiors, characterized by a distinct concrete structure with integrated glass skylights, offer a site-specific, urban dining experience.

The reinforced concrete columns and girder structures of the installation inside Habersack Hall and those of Rapide Hall's hotel come together into a uniform composition with a visible grid mirroring the rhythmic patterns of the original halls. Circular apertures pay homage to the 1970s Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa, consisting of 140 standardized, prefabricated residential modules. Additionally, they evoke references to the site's industrial lineage and the world of locomotives.

commission: Competition
program: Conversion, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Office, Retail
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Rico Furter, Ulrike Feucht, Chen Kaihong, Katrin Zumbrunnen