Maag Live
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG
status: Project
project: 2020

The Maag complex is located in the very center of Zurich and is directly adjacent to the Prime Tower and Hardbrücke railway station. The Maaglive project aims to transform this site into a lively urban center, drawing inspiration from the industrial past of one of the last remaining plots of the Zurich West development plan. Building K, which currently houses restaurants and cultural institutions, will be retained to reflect the site’s history as an established example of the adaptive reuse of a listed industrial building.

Next to Building K, a new building will replace the former Maag production facility, clearly referencing the neighboring listed building in typology and form. It will feature an enclosed courtyard framed by one-story high entry portals inviting urban life inside. In terms of its public-facing program, the project is dedicated to a wide range of public functions, including cultural spaces, retail, co-working areas, and a small indoor market.

The upper six floors of the building will accommodate 82 interlocking maisonettes. Despite their compact footprint, these units will feature two-story high living areas and a dual orientation, offering orientations to both the busy street and the tranquil inner courtyard.

The structural design of the building incorporates an industrial aesthetic with doubled-up ribs, which provide rhythm and order to the façade while enabling flexibility in the interior layout. The spaces between these ribs contain either bathrooms or circulation cores, an organizational rigor reflected in the exterior design by the vertical banding of precast concrete elements. Bronze-colored glazing, loggias, and balconies are interspersed between these bands, forming a balanced and discrete exterior. Next to the new intervention, an extension to Building K will also feature a distinctly industrial aesthetic with ribbed floor slabs visible behind a glazed façade.

commission: Competition
program: Culture, Mixed Use, Residential
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, András Kiss, Rico Furter, Janek Geiser, Ulrike Feucht, Annina Fischer, Alexandra Meuche, Nikolis Nikolaos, Marion Spillmann, Raphael Suter, Katrin Zumbrunnen