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Google Bederstrasse
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Google
status: Realized
project: 2015⁠–⁠2020

Google is known for setting the standards in creativity and a pioneering management style – a trait that manifests itself in highly innovative office designs. The objective of this project was to conceive a highly original, creative, flexible, and adaptable working environment in order to cater to the diverse needs of the employees. The scope included furnishing about 300 workplaces and meeting rooms of various sizes, several breakrooms and quiet areas, and a spacious restaurant. An adjoining terrace and garden space bring the facilities outdoors, providing various places for recreation and relaxation.

To offer employees a workspace that is unique and inspiring, priority was given to a functional and flexible spatial concept expressed with simple industrial materials. Sandblasting unveiled the existing reinforced concrete structure of the building, accentuating the distinct structure of the floors. The atmosphere of the office floors is characterized by the use of simple and raw materials, such as the installation of minimally treated metal and glass partitioning systems, the existing cement screed refined through sanding, and textiles used to shape the spatial layout. Monochrome fabric partitions offer privacy and darken the interiors as needed. This raw aesthetic is further reinforced by the carefully installed exposed building services.

In order to create a playful and uncomplicated environment, the refit includes an Orangerie with hammocks, a break room with high-quality vintage furniture, and a restaurant segmented with islands. Collectively, these design measures provide diverse facilities that help establish a professional and creative working environment, facilitating employee interaction and concentration.

commission: Direct
program: Interiors, Office
size: 2091 m²
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Jen Balmer, Amélie Fibicher, Severine Frehner, Simone Iseli, Nikolis Nikolaos, Barbara Springer, Peter Weeber
consultants: Caduff & Stocker GmbH