Domat Ems Sports Facility
location: Domat Ems, Switzerland
client: Private
status: Project
project: 2003

Like a stone set among a row of hills, a monolithic structure for a sports facility in Domat Ems, Switzerland, integrates with the surrounding landscape due to various factors: its form, its subtle contours and glass inserts, and its materiality.

A central ramp leads the outdoor areas through the building, culminating in a rooftop garden, and allows for zenithal light to reach into the building's depth, creating a distinct layering in spatial organization. A specific vertical structure is evident across the floors. The playing field, embedded within, is accessed from the locker rooms, where visitors pass through equipment rooms into the hall lit from three sides.

A glass band encircles it and contrasts the lower, more rigidly organized floors with an open plan, establishing once again a connection to the outside.

The massive, single-shell structure, with a facade of stonelike concrete, is covered by a prestressed reverse-rib roof that spans from edge to edge, with a steel column framework supporting the glass level and distributing loads not unlike the tree roots. Its insulation establishes a warm interior that is acoustically effective and sustains the expansiveness of the tensioned ceiling.

commission: Competition
program: Education
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle