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Lutherstrasse Residential and Commercial Building Conversion
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Pensimo Management AG
status: Realized
project: 2017⁠–⁠2018

The five-floor apartment building at Lutherstrasse 2 at Stauffacher, part of Zurich's Aussersihl district, was built in 1899 and is characterized by elements of Historicism and Art Nouveau. It constitutes an urban block, where its southern and southwestern facades front streets alive with activity, while the short northern side faces a quiet courtyard. Preserved mainly in its unblemished state, its wooden, ornamented door with glass insets grounds the historic property in the urban context.

Public retail uses are distributed on the ground floor, the three upper floors are used for offices, and the 4th floor is a six-room apartment, with the attic used for storage.

Spillmann Echsle's nuanced and respectful renovation incorporates the attic, transforming a single unit into two maisonette apartments. The typical roof eaves found throughout this district of Zurich are repurposed into balconies for the maisonettes, while suitable installations, bathrooms, and kitchens are delicately and qualitatively updated to reflect contemporary requirements. The retained architectural essence marries the building's historical splendor with the nuances of modern residence, underscoring Spillmann Echsle's signature approach to updating historical spaces.

commission: Direct
program: Conversion, Office
size: 670 m²
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Rico Furter, Jen Balmer, Guillaume Chapallaz, Piotr Margiel, Marion Spillmann, Katrin Zumbrunnen
consultants: Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG; Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung AG