18/06/2020 team construction site visit of halle 550

29/11/2019 1st place competition militärkaserne

12/12/2019 on: the next phase begins!

21/12/2019 jahrbuch architektur 2019

06/12/2019 mémoire de noël

12/04/2019 hoch3 - begegnungsort witikon

03/04/2019 competition entry housing project, limmatstrasse

19/03/2019 the freitag flagship zurich is rejuvenated

15/03/2019 we spent the weekend skiing in zuoz

17/01/2019 tonhalle, zurich

02/12/2019 halle 550, oerlikon

11/01/2019 halle 53, winterthur

18/12/2018 lutherstrasse, zurich

23/11/2018 special,excellent communication arch, tonhalle maag

18/09/2018, recognition region north, tonhalle maag

20/07/2018 haus zur sommerau, uetikon am see

24/06/2018, interior work, tonhalle maag

22/06/2018 villa necchi, milano

08/06/2018, category winner, temporary buildings, tonhalle maag

06/03/2018 competition entry housing project, wollishofen

18/12/2017 competition: kirche balgrist

13/12/2017 christmas dinner

31/10/2019 new creative hub in zurich finished

05/10/2017 spittel area, staefa

09/09/2017 inauguration, neue schule zurich

01/09/2017 completion, tonhalle maag

28/06/2017, interior work, google A10

10/04/2017 tonhalle maag, follow the construction

07/04/2017 opening, FREITAG store milan

27/02/2017 official opening, office fit-out, europaallee, zurich

10/02/2017 special,excellent communication, house of switzerland

17/01/2017 official opening, office fit-out, sihlpost, zurich

16/01/2017 groundbreaking, tonhalle maag, zurich

17/01/17 opening of the new freitag store in basel

16/11/2016 just arrived

27/06/2016, multi-family homes, rauti-huus

01/03/2016 handover apartments building, reinhardstrasse, zurich

01/04/2016 completion, rautihuus

19/06/2015, public buildings, house of switzerland

01/09/2015 IT company office fit-out, bederstrasse, zurich

03/07/15 salvation army - have a look at our competition entry

02/07/2015 we went on a day trip to visit the vitra campus

01/07/2015 masterplan for IT company offices, europaallee, zurich

04/02/2015 reinhardstrasse, construction has begun

24/10 - 26/10/2014 participating in the architektur 0.14 exhibition

23/09/2014 lecture at the maxxi in rome

01/07/2014 the scaffolding at birchsteg is dismantled

17/08/2014 european athletics, championship zurich

14/08/2014 hos rebuilt on sechseleutenplatz in zurich

12/07/2014 have a look at our new tanzwerk 101 photos

10/07/2014 lecture at baumusterzentrale

27/06/2014 feasibility study oberbüel weggis

30/04 - 11/05/2014 the hos resides in parco sempione, milan

30/06/2014 2nd prize: abb villa boveri conference and office space

17/12/2013 1st prize: apartment houses im lee egg

07/02/2014 the house of switzerland opens its doors

01/11/2013 birchsteg roof construction

06/11/2013 opening of the new freitag store in shibuya/japan

20/11/2012 noerd canteen wins 1st prize at best of swiss gastro

11/10 - 13/10/2012 architektur 0.12, maag halle zurich

11/09/2012 our new project: container hotel dresden

11/01 - 13/01/2013 we spent the weekend together in zuoz

20/08/2012 detail planning starts for dance center migros herdern

01/08/2012 we are moving to a new office space!

12/06/2012 new office stairs under construction

03/04/2012 have a look at our new project birchsteg

15/06/2012 building application for areal tiefenbrunnen

12/03/2012 we took a day off and went skiing to schatzalp

19/12/2011 competition entry for a learning factory

18/10/2011, other buildings, freitag flagshipstore

20/10 - 30/10/2011, lodz design festival 2011, poland

28/09/2011 recognition for freitag flagship store zurich

16/09/2011 official opening of the freitag factory noerd