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Dammstrasse Factory Building Conversion and Extension
location: Horgen, Switzerland
client: MIBAG Property + Facility Management
status: Project
project: 2008

The Dammstrasse site in Horgen holds a lot of architectural potential, as it is located right next to a lightly trafficked railway line and is bordered by undeveloped land. The location also offers unobstructed views of Lake Zurich and the Alps. A design competition was launched in order to transform this unique space into a complex that fuses commercial spaces with unconventional residential living.

spillmann echsle architects submitted a comprehensive proposal outlining three options. The first approach suggests repurposing the existing warehouse which was originally constructed in 1950. The second proposal introduces the concept of adding an extra floor to the existing structure, while the third option offers up a completely new construction to replace the original building. 

All three options conform to high standards in residential construction and strict adherence to ecological criteria. The proposal would also meet the overarching goal of creating an economically viable and architecturally coherent space that complements its surroundings.

commission: Competition
program: Office, Residential
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Barbara Iseli, Monika Moor
collaboration: Caretta + Weidmann